Don't Risk Your Investment!

Using the knowledge and experience of industry professionals, we created the HomeInspectr app to provide our customers with an easy to use list of common property issues. Use the checklist to quickly identify potential issues with the help of simple explanations and example images. Record notes and photos, and review the information later to decide if you may need a professional inspection.

Our vision is to empower home buyers in Australia to make informed decisions when choosing their next home.


  • DIY Inspection Checklist

    HomeInspectr will change the way you attend open inspections. The simple, easy to read checklist shows you what to look out for, including example images.

  • First Home Buyers

    Designed with first home buyers in mind, but useful for anyone purchasing a property.

  • Take Photos & Notes

    Track any potential issues you find and take on-the-go notes and photos. Easily review your notes on the property later.


HomeInspectr created an easy to use home inspection checklist with the knowledge of industry professionals to empower home buyers to find their perfect home.

Rather than fix costly issues, it’s easier for owners to sell their home to unsuspecting buyers, don’t risk your biggest investment! HomeInspectr has you covered from open home inspections to understanding any potential issues you find. We have over 20 home inspection checks that cover all the major internal & external issues you need to look for that cover things like rising damp, foundation movement, water damage and help you expose careless home owners trying to offload their problem home. Trust us with your next home inspection, download today!

Don't Risk Your Investment

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’re ever likely to make. We’ll help you to avoid purchasing a property that could cost you thousands in remedial work.